Monday, December 7, 2015


This week has been so awesome! :D
So many great things to talk about, but so little time!!!

So... We picked up a new investigator!  He has been investigating the church since 2009.  His name is Bob.  He first found the church through a member who got him to take the lessons.  He is nice and he let us come over last Friday and we shared with him the new Christmas video and the one from last year.  He really liked both of them and he liked the message.  Brother Armstrong, our new Ward Missionary Leader came with us and he shared some great insights with Bob.  The Spirit was there, but I knew that it could have been better if Bob was a liiiiiiiittle more open to it.  We did a good job teaching him though!  It was great!  We talked a little bit about faith and we invited him to act upon his faith by going to church.  He said he would go but he didn't come due to some miscommunication on our part, so we take the blame on that one, but next week he will come! :) 
About a week ago we received a HQ referral and we have been trying to contact the person EVERY DAY up until yesterday.  We had no luck!  Friday while we were planning we were like, "Okay.  This is the LAST time we are going to try contacting him."  Sure enough we called him and he answered!  We asked him if he was interested in learning more and he said yes!  We asked him when we could stop by and he asked up to come the next day!  We weren't able to, but we set an appointment for Sunday. (Yesterday)  Brother Armstrong joined us again for this lesson.  The person we were referred to teach was Sam.  he is Persian and he is from Iran.  He welcomed us right in and he was really nice!  We asked him why he wanted to learm more and he told us he works with someone who is Mormon and recommended that he check out  We asked him what brought him up to this point and what interested him and this was his reply:
"I WILL GO!  I WILL DOOOOOOO THE THINGS THE LORD COMMANDS!" (Ha, I'm just kidding, Just the way I phrased that reminded me of the song. :))
This is what he said:
"I am very interested in knowing what makes Mitt Romney HIM.  He is just so successful and I want to be just like him.  He is different from everyone..."
Okay! :D
Can we all just take a moment of silence for Mitt Romney?  For being an example enough to possibly convert someone?
Thank you.

We continued asking him questions and we started teaching him the Restoration.  The Spirit was SO strong.  It had been the first time I taught the Restoration since I came into English work.  (Don't worry, we will change that!)  We taught so powerfully as a companionship that I was just so amazed!  Brother Armstrong was such great help too! :)  We invited him in the end to pray to know if what we taught was true.  he didn't know how to pray (like us)  and so we taught him how to pray.  he prayed and immediately the Spirit filled the room!  It was so awesome! :)  We asked him how he felt and he said he has a very positive experience and he couldn't wait to learn more once he got to Seattle...
"Wait what?  Seattle?  Excuse me?"
"I'm moving in two weeks to go to Seattle for my new job."
he told us that he really found the church to be really interesting and he couldn't wait to continue his investigation in Seattle.  we are really excited for him and for the missionaries in Seattle!  They will be blessed immensely for their efforts! :)  But we are really grateful that we got to plant that seed for him!  It was an awesome experience! :)
As you already know, I accidently deleted my email last week, so I never got to finish telling you about all the stuff we did.  But I will just briefly do that now! :)  Last Sunday the new Christmas video came out !  We absolutely love the new video: #ASaviorIsBorn
 (CHECK IT OUT!!!! wanted to utilize this video as much as possible in our finding efforts.  We shared the video during third hour and invited the members to come out with us to share it with others.  We didn't really have anyone volunteer to help us, but we did get wonderful support from our new WML.  He came out with us on Thursday evening and tracted with us to test this new method of finding people.  What we did was this:
The typical solution to contacting someone is obviously giving them a card.  That is also known as 'card-tacting'.  It is not really affective at all.  yes, we give them a card, but it really isn't helping us to know them and vice versa.  Plus, majority of the time they only take the card to be nice and then they throw it away.  So!  This is where our awesome idea comes in! :)  Rather than asking them to give them a card, we asked them if they wanted to watch a new trending video!  Brother Armstrong was kind enough to let us use his iPad and we went tracting!  Almost every other door someone was home!  We simply introduced ourselves and we asked them if we could show them the video.  Almost everyone said yes! We showed them the 2 minute video and we just stood there and let the Spirit take over. Then we asked them how they felt.  In result, everyone LOVED the video.  They were engaged, and they were really receptive.  Because of this awesome experience we had, we now have 2 individuals and 2 potential families to teach. :)  I love doing missionary work the right way! :)
This week has been wonderful, and Sister Jensen and I are ON. FIRE. :)
I love this ward and I love serving here.  I feel like I am home away from home!  I just want to work, work, work all day long!  :) 
I hope you all have a great week everyone, and know that I love you all oh so very much! :)

Con todo mi amor,
Hna. Rachel Duncan

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