Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!!! :D (Week 27)

Hola everyone! :)

I hope you are all doing great!  This week we were really busy!  We had 21 lessons this week!  It was amazing! :)  We are really been trying to stay busy! And look! It worked! :) We are so excited for Mother's Day!  I cannot wait to see my family!  Especially my mommy! haha :)  I miss you!  But I have lots of other moms here, so it is okay! :)  I am so grateful as well because my dad will be able to come home from work to Skype with me! :) I AM SO EXCITED!!!! 

Things are going really great here in lil' ol' Mission Viejo! :)  We are so excited for Maragrita!  She is getting baptized this next Sunday, and we are so thrilled! :)  The poor thing though!  She has problems with her feet and she had a doctor's appointment to get them checked out, and she had to get shots in her feet!  It was very painful for her!  And the worst part is she had to walk back home from the doctors!  The poor thing!  She was so tired and so sore when we went to see her.  She didn't go to church because she was in so much pain.  We are going to see her tomorrow, so hopefully she will feel better!  I really worry about her! :/  

On the plus side... Yasmin went to church yesterday!  It was like a Christmas miracle! :D  Yay! :)  it was awesome!  We had a lesson with her earlier this week about the Law of Chastity.  It was a great lesson and Andrea came with us!  I love Andrea! :D

Welp.  Not much more is new!  :P  Everything is going great! :)

Hope you all have a great week! Love you all! :)

Con amor,
Hna. Rachel Duncan

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