Monday, June 8, 2015

#LaZanjaIsWhereItIsA​t :D (Week 31)

First off, sorry I suck and haven't sent any emails for the past month!  P-days are so crazy! :P

This week has been GREAT! :)  So many miracles!  :) 

We have been trying really hard to just focus on our investigators right now.  San Clamente has been kind of dead for a long time, and it is time to bring it some life!  We currently have 4 investigators! :) They are:

S...a - S...a is such a sweet lady!  The hermanas found her 3 months ago, and have been teaching her ever since.  I have only had 2 lessons with her, but they have been great so far!  We had such a beautiful experience with her!  We were planning for our lesson with her, and we were going to teach about the Tree of Life and somehow tie it into baptism, but it just didn't sit right with me, and I felt prompted we should share something about the Holy Ghost and how we can feel the Spirit.  We all felt really good about that and we knew that that was what we needed to teach.  Our lesson with her went sooooo good!  We asked her what she thought the Spirit was, and explained what it was, how we can feel it, and why we need the Holy Ghost in our life.  The way the lesson flowed, was just perfect.  We all gave each other "the look" and we knew we needed to invite her to be baptized.  SHE SAID YES! :D  WOOOOOOO! But she has to talk to her husband, so yeah.  Hope he respects her wishes!  But it will be a long process before she can be baptized because  she has some martial complications... :P it is a long story. :P 

A...o   - A...o was found maybe a month or two ago by the hermanas and we taught him his first two lessons this week! :)  They were AWESOME.  We had a lesson with the Garcia family with him and hna. Garcia (Not my companion..) did AMAAAAZING!  Beautiful.  It was a lesson about the Book of Mormon and it just flowed so beautifully!  We are going to have a FHE with the Garcias again and A...o is coming! :)  So we are really excited! :)

P...i - Oh sweet P...i!  Such a cutie!  She is 32 and her cousins are members in our ward, but they are inactive.  She was a referral from the C...z Family (Her cousins) and she is very sweet.  She may have some special needs, but when she met her and talked to her for a little bit, she opened right up to us, and broke down and shared with us her feelings and concerns.  It was a wonderful lesson!  We invited her to be baptized and well and she said yes! :)  We don't intend on setting a date until we meet with her parents.  We hope all will be well! :)

V...a - V...a has been taught by the hermanas for a long time now.  Her older brother is V...e, he just recently got baptized and few months ago, along with her younger brother.  They are not active unfortunately..  But we are working with her, and it is going well so far! :)  She loves reading the Book of Mormon!  LOVES IT!  She really understands it pretty well, considering she is only 13! :)  But she is making progress!

We had 107 contacts this week!  That is a miracle!  That is the most contacts I have ever made in my whole mission!  
(A street/apartment complex we spend majority of our time...)

Everything else is going great!  Our phone officially died (My fault, oops!) So we won't be having a phone until Thursday... So... yeah.  Sorry!

Hope all is well! :) Love you!  Thank you!

Con amor,
Hna. Rachel Duncan

Spanish of the Week: 
Como es ido? :)
How it goes? (How is it going?)

Scariest dog ever.  We thought a member lived here, but she doesn't.  We have been going to this door for the past 2 weeks every other day and I swear the dog is going to burst out and eat my face.  Ugh. Glad we don't have to go there anymore! :P
La Zanja! (In Spanish, it means Ditch)  Where we spend majority of our time. :) 
It is creepy, but I LOVE IT. Plus, there are ducks.  #quack

The horrible bug I found in the bathroom!  AHHHH!!! It had a billion legs!  It took 20 minutes to kill it!  I hope it doesn't have babies.... O.O

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