Monday, April 27, 2015

HOW I FEEL BEING OUT ON MY MISSION FOR 6 MONTHS: *kshfisufhsfnslfjksf​u* Yeah.(Week 26)

Hola everyone! How are you doing? :)

This email is going to be short.. Sorry! :P

This week we got a lot of things done!  We really wanted to focus on visiting members whom the bishop assigned to us, and we contacted most of them!  It was great!  We visited a lot of less actives, actives, and visited our investigators.  We got dropped (kind of) by Maria, so that kind of stinks...  She had not been showing up to church for the past 4 weeks, so we called her asking her what was up, and it turns out she is in Riverside... :P  She told us she would call us when she was back... Yeah.  But it is okay, she is really strong, and I know she will get baptized!  It is just a matter of when. :)  Anyways! :)  Margarita is doing great! :)  she is sooooo excited to get baptized!  Unfortunately, because of the lack of time, and for the fact that we still have a few more lessons to teach, we are going to move her baptismal date to May 17th! :) So yeah! Super excited! :)  Yasmin is same as usual!  Still trying to work with her!  We are having a lesson with her today hopefully! :)
Well... Not much more to say!  My brain feels a little fried this morning... I don't know why!  Oh well!  
Oh!  6 Months out on my mission!!! WOOOOOO!!! Time goes by really fast! :P  I feel really weird.  yeah.  I just feel... numb.  It is not a feeling I really like! :P  Oh well!  

Oh!  So, it has been raining a lot lately here!  Very dark and gloomy for the past week, but it is now nice and beautiful!  It was very refreshing! :) 

Love you guys!!!! :)

Con amor,
Hna. Rachel Duncan

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