Monday, June 15, 2015

I Can't Live Without a Phone! :P (Week 32)

Hello!!!! :D

This week was a super slow week! First things first, I am SO GRATEFUL that we have cellphones.  SO GRATEFUL.  Not having one for 4 days was the worst thing that happened to us, I don't know how we survived! :P  Because we didn't have our phone, we couldn't get ahold of anyone unless we personally visited someone, and that is REALLY hard to do in Spanish work.  But gratefully we got our new one this week! :)
I really don't have much more too say! :P 

Other than we saw Agripino yesterday!  I had been praying that we would find him on the street because we couldn't get ahold of him!  We saw him yesterday!  We are going to see him today! Yay! :) Can't wait! :)
Whelp.  All is well! Love you!
Con amor,
Hna. Rachel Duncan

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