Monday, June 22, 2015

I HAVE BEEN SPAT UPON! :P/ Month 8! :O (Week 33)

Hola Everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Father's day! :)

Our investigators are slowly but surely progressing. :)  We run into Agripino all the time and every time we ask him if we can share something with him, but he is always busy. :P  Oh well.  We are GOING to teach him a lesson today! :P haha :)  Patty is related to members on both sides of her family, so we are really happy about that, and we hope that we can utilized that in our lessons. :)  Susana is a trooper and is going on strong. :)  We taught her the Word of Wisdom and about Joseph Smith this week and she was understanding of how we should always keep our bodies healthy and clean. :)  She is great! :)

This week Sister Orgill had all the Hermanas come to her house and we had some food and some Italian Crème Sodas! :)  They were so good! :)  We had a wonderful training on how to be "Quick to Observe" and it was amazing.  Hna. Roos (My mom)  is going home Wednesday!  It is so crazy!  I am going to miss her like crazy!  :(  We had so many great memories! :P  but she will do great back home! I'm so excited for her. :)  she is having her farewell dinner tomorrow and we are having a Sleepover at President's house! :D  YAYYYYYYY! :D

I got really sick this week.  It was horrible.  ugh.  But all is well!

I HAVE BEEN OUT FOR 8 MONTHS!!! AHHHHH!!!!! D: (Almost!  This weekend!)

So funny story! :)  On Saturday we had a Father's Day party at the church (It was great!) and before the party we had to stop by at a member's house to pick up some bread because they couldn't come.  We drove down their street and we noticed their neighbors outside skating around in the street.  These guys are all college kids and are drink every time we see them.  Ugh.  Anyways, so we just wanted to run inside the house real quick and there was no parking spot so we just pulled up in front of the house and put on our hazards and stepped out of the car.  A drunk guy with super long shaggy hair, said, "Dude.  What are you doing, man?"  And we said, "We're sorry, we are only going to be a second!" And we ran in the house and grabbed the bread.  We literally were in there for 10 seconds.  We come out of the house and he spat all over our car! :/  We get in the car and he flipped us off like 3 times until we left and was cursing us out until we were out of earshot.  Was not very fun.  But no I can officially say "I have been spat upon". :P

Love you guys! :)  Hope you have a great Week! :)

Con amor,
Hna. Rachel Duncan

Spanish of the Week:
Que paso con su brazo?!
What happened to your arm?!
(It is just really fun to say! :))

Here are some random pictures that she sent me this week.

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