Monday, August 17, 2015

Chuck E. Cheese: Never Taking My Kids There... Hna. Rachel Duncan (Week 38)

Hola Todos! :)

Como estan?  Espero que estan mut bien!

This week was yet again kind of uneventful.  But we did have an opportunity to get our foot into a door for a potential family!  The Collins family, a family of 9, is going through a big trial right now.  Leslie, the mother, is going through chemo treatments for her second round of Cancer.  They are (obviously) not members, but they are super sweet.  We were able to do a little bit of service with them last week, and Brother Hobbins, the elders and us "entrtained" the kids for a few hours while the mom slept.  This past Saturday we pretty much did the same thing, and it was fun.  (Don't worry, we had an adult with us! :)) We went to Chuck E. Cheese's.... *Facepalm*  I will NEVER. EVER. Take my kids there.  *Cringe*
But a member came up to us yesterday and told us that she was visiting with her, and Leslie said that she was so grateful for us and so impressed by how much we had done for her and her family.  I was so happy! YAYYYYYYY! :D We are going to help her out by cleaning her home once she is done with her chemo this week, so we look forward to helping her!

We got the news regarding transfers, and I am staying here!  AAAAAAND... I'm getting a new companion! :D (If only you guys knew how happy I am about that..) I really look forward to getting a fresh start.  This transfer BY FAR has been the hardest transfer of my whole mission.  IT WAS SO FREAKING HARD.  Ugh.  But nonetheless, I am grateful for the things I have learned! 

Nothing new really is going on...
My best friend is coming home from his mission this Friday... O.O *Gasp!*
Time goes by so fast.
Speaking of which, I only have 8 MONTHS LEFT... (Almost.  Nobody is counting or anything.. >_>)

BIEN HECHO, ZACHYKINS! I'm so proud of you!!!! ;D Be safe! :)

Hope you guys have a great week! Les Quiero! :)

Con mucho amor,
Hna. Rachel Duncan

Spanish of the Week:
Estoy bien animada!
I'm so excited! :D

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