Monday, August 24, 2015

TODO ES POS'IBLE CON DIOS! :') (Week 39/10 Month Mark..)

Bueno Bueno Todos! :)

FINALLY! A new transfer! :D  I have been dying for this transfer!!!! :D  Aaaaaand, my companion is so COOL!  Sister Shumway is my new companion, and she is just... AH!  She is the best!  We get along so well, and I just AHHHHHHH!  She is so cool!  She is so hard working and I just love her to bits and pieces!  It is so much better compared to last transfer.  It is like a huge weight has come off my shoulders.  She has been out for 3 months and she just got done with her training!  Sooo... I'm her Greenie Breaker! :D  Woohoo!  It has been really fun! :)  Really it is nothing different, it just is fun to be kind of an example to someone. :)

So many great things have happened this week!  It has been a huge miracle!  I have been so grateful for the things that I have witnessed this past week!  It is a huge difference compared to last transfer.  Last transfer a lot of NOTHING happened.  NADA. ZILCH. ZEROOOOOOOO.  But I'm grateful that we both want to get this area kicking! :D
First things first, WE PICKED UP A NEW INVESTIGATOR!!! Wooooooohooooooooo!!! FINALLY! :D It is Lori, whom we have been trying to see FOREVER.  The second day that Sister Shumway and I were together we went by and she let us in and it was just awesome! We shared the #becausehelives video and she really liked it. :)  She was super open to us and she wants to learn more. :) YAY!
Contacted Becca finally.. UGH.  Becca was kind a referral that the elders gave to us, and we went by seriously almost everyday when I was with Sister Ward.  But we were able to catch her on Friday!  Finally!  She is not interested.... The only thing she might have been interested in was the elders. :P  Ha.  Anyways.  :)
We were able to stop by and visit and share a message with Irma and Jim!  Es una Milagro!!!! :D  So many wonderful things are happening!!!! :D This my friends, is why we should be obedient! :D  We had an AWESOME lesson with them and we just talked for a little bit so Sis. Shumway could get to know them.  We them opened up the discussion about our Purpose of this life.  We shared Alma 34:32 and had Jim read it.  Jim believes that he creates his own purpose for himself, and Irma kind of believes the same thing.  We talked about what WE think our purpose is, and Irma was just so fascinated.  Jim, not so much.  Jim is just there to be there I think.. Irma is a little more interested.  They say they have no intention in believing in Christianity, but... We will see. :)
It has been a good week so far!  I really look forward to this transfer! :)  I feel like a lot of my prayers have been answered just in the past week.  The Lord answers our prayers only when we are ready to receive them, and that is something I've gained a testimony of immensely on my mission.  He will only grant us our deepest and truest desires only when we are ready and when he intends to give them to us. :)  Yay! :)

Stay cool guys!  I'm try! :P This random whether is going to KILL me. :P It is hot one day, Cold the next, I don't get it.

Oh, by the way, Voy a vomitar por que tengo 10 meces en mi mision... *Sigh* La mis'ion es bien rapido! :P Parat'e por favor!!! >:(

Con mucho Amor,
Hna. Rachel Duncan

Spanish of the Week:
PARAT'E! (See above.. haha)
Stop it!

My new companion Sister Shumway

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