Monday, September 21, 2015

Meh.. :/ Week 43

Hola Todos! :)

All of our appointments fell through this past week.... :( 
It has been a long... long... week! :P
In all honesty, nothing really happened!  All our set appointments with our investigators fell through, and we tried visiting all our potential investigators, but none of them were there!  But we do have a VERY promising potential! :)  Her name is Sandy, and we ran into her in an apartment complex.  Her daughter in-law married one of the young men from our ward, and she wants to learn more about the church! Woohoo! :)  So we are going to stop by and visit with her soon! :)  She has been taught before, and the few last times weren't really successful, but we do have faith! :)
We had Zone Conference this past week!  I learned a lot! :)  Elder Cardon, a member of the 70 came to it!  I can't wait to implement the things Elder Cardon shared with us.  I think what struck me the most though, was when President Orgill spoke.  Pres. Orgill shared some experiences that he had throughout his life, and how people taught him valuable things that changed his life.  He went on talking about how our missions are like this and we will continue to learn from different things every single day.  It was wonderful. :) 

Sorry this is a really short email guys!  I hope you have a great week!
Love you all! :)

Spanish of the Week:
Vamos a ganar!
Let us win! (Kind of like 'We are going to win')

P-day Activities 

 I was feeling boarde so I took pictures

Companion Invitory is Tough

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