Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Satan Really Doesn't Like US..... Week 3

Hola!! :)

Well.  This week has been jam packed with a lot of things, and at the same time, not so much!

First off, our investigators are progressing!!!.... Kind of? I do not know! It is kind of hard to tell! But they are both opening up to us! if i have failed to tell you their names, I apologize haha, We are teaching Alejandro and Miguel. (They are really our teachers, teehee! Hno.Vargus is Alejandro and Hno. Polo, "Pollo"/Chicken as we call him because he loves chicken and stealing our food, is Miguel) Alejandro's wife, Wendy is a member, and they have a little baby girl named Renee who is one.  He is Catholic and wants to know more about eternal families and about where we go after we die, but we are currently teaching him about the love of God, because he struggles to know that God is there for him and knows of his struggles.  Apparently Renee is in the hospital for something, I don't know why (I was not there, I will explain more after this..) and so we are praying for her and his family. :) Miguel is really hard to teach.  He has been a member of FOUR different churches (currently the 7th day Adventist) and we have only taught him twice in the past two weeks.  The first lesson was really funny, because I was teaching him how to pray and how we need to be reverent. This is how the prayer went:
Me: Nuestras Padre Celestial...
Me: ......(Trying really hard not to laugh) Estamos muy agradecido por todo bendiciones en nuestras vivas....
Miguel: (Repeats every word I just said in a whisper)
Me: (I'm now laughing)..... Gracias por Miguel...
Miguel: Gracias por MEEEE!!!
(My companion and I are now in tears)

Reminder: This is all roleplaying, I would totally not act like this is I did not know that this was my teacher.  Polo is the Beez Kneez.

Oh it was so great. But the next lesson I totally caught him be surprise with a scripture (Matt 5: 1-11 I think?) about how we should pray without repetition and with loud voices, and it was just great.  I felt like a champion. :) But anyways, Miguel is opening up to us.  He has a son who is a member, and his other son is the exact opposite! He is really rebellious and Miguel said he will join the church when his son does... Soooooo..... PLEASE PRAY FOR US! :)

Well.. I got sick.... AGAIN. But this time it was REALLY bad. On Sunday night during a devotional it was getting really hot and when we went outside I thought I would be better... NOPE. I ended up going home earlier, and got super duper sick. I had horrible nausea, and then one of my roommates came home because she was throwing up too... then her companion came home the next day... and now MY companion is sick today! So I have been stuck in our casa for three days.  AND IT STINKS. But all is well! I feel so much better! :) I just have to play mommy for my companion. :) Please pray for my district! We have been very unsuccessful with English fasts every time we try to do one. We usually do it every Monday and Wednesday, and every time someone gets sick! So please pray for us! We are all convinced that it is...SATAN. So please keep us in your prayers! We are going to "casually" begin our English fast and surprise that little stinker like never before! The little devil wont know what hit him! ;)

So on Friday, I spent a good hour or so drawing pictures of our whole district (after I was done studying.. OF COURSE) and I was so proud of my work! Everyone loved it, and it was just great!....

Then on Sunday, all of us sisters went to Relief Society and when we came back one fo the elders in our district RUINED IT!!! But it was really funny. :)

We went to the temple today!!!! It is so beautiful! Unfortunately we did not get to walk around the grounds, we just went to the visitor center.  But you could still feel the spirit! I want to go back one day! it amazes me how much there is a difference between the CCM and the city itself.  We are literally not of the world here! Other than this past Sunday and Monday there was a lot of fiestas because it was the Mexican Revolution Holiday, and literally all night long there was music, cars honking their horns, cannons going off (We literally will hear random cannons going off every single day.  Its really big here I guess because it supposedly shows respent to Saints of the Catholic church) And my lovely companion looks at me every single time and says, "Well, there goes another tribute." (Like the Hunger Games, She is so silly!) But I love the spirit here, it is so strong, and I simply don't want to leave! OKAY. I do. But my district is literally the best ever! We get along soooooo well!!!!!

I miss you all oobers! I cant believe NEXT WEEK I will be out for a month! :) Time is already slipping by and I haven't even really begun! Before you know it it will be as if I return home tomorrow

Spanish of the Week (I'm copying you Zachy, hope you don't mind! :))

¡Adios, carita de arroz! (Car-eeta de arrr-ohhz)
Its like Americans saying, "See you later Alligator!"
But it literally means, " Goodbye, rice face!
.......Since when did I ever look like rice? XD Silly Latinos! :) I LOVE THEM!

Love, Hermana Duncan

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