Tuesday, November 11, 2014

WEEK 2 The Beds are Hard... But the Work is Harder!

Hola Everyone!!! How are you guys doing?  I hope all is well!  This  week has been great!  A lot of things happened, and I do not even know  where to begin!  I have to tell you, our district is the Bees Knees!  We get along so well and we have such wonderful experiences together!  A bunch of us got sick this week!  My poor Compeñera got sick, then I  got sick, Hermana Nelson, now Hermana Brown is really sick today!  But  the elders in our district are super amazing, and each gave us priesthood blessings!  We all felt better within hours!  It was great!   At the end of the day we have an additional study time for a half  hour, and we as a district take that time to read the scriptures or to discuss what went on that day, and it has been SOOOOO awesome!  I love  it! :) 

Anyways, last Wednesday we had an English fast, and yesterday  we had one too, and it has made a HUUUUUGE difference for me!  I am  still struggling, but it has been much better! :)  Tomorrow we are  doing it again, so if you could pray for us, that would be great!  So,  our investigator, Jorge, committed to baptism!  Yay!  But the next  day, he walked into our class, and now is our teacher! (We totally saw it coming) And he is an amazing teacher!  My compeñera and I were  talking with him yesterday and telling him about our frustrations with  the language, and he said it does not matter if you can speak or  understand, as long as the spirit does the teaching.  So it has made a  great difference for both of us!  We now have two new investigators!  Miguel and Alejandro!  (They are really our teachers)  We had one  lesson with Miguel (Hno. Polo, AKA Jorge) yesterday, and it was really  tough.  Hermana Brown asked me to offer the opening prayer, and I told  him how we pray, and so we were praying, and we started repeating  everything that I was saying!  I couldn{t stop laughing!  Oh goodness, he is so funny.  Polo always takes peoples food if they leaving it  out, haha it is great! haha :) 

Hmmm... Oh yes!  In the subject, you  will see my lovely quote, "The beds are hard, but the work is harder!"  and yours truly made it up! ;)  The beds are really like smooth  rocks.. But I am getting use to it!  Haha, by the end of the day, it  feels like you are sleeping on a cloud! :)  Please keep my compeñera  in your prayers, she lost her camera only an hour after arriving to  the CCM (Sad, I know) and we have looked EVERYWHERE for it!  We  learned about specific prayer, and so we decided to try it out, and  today we spent all day running around the campus trying to find it.  So please keep her in your prayers to find her camera!  Ironically, it  is the same one as mine!  So please and thank you!  I would also ask  that you keep myself and my district in your prayers to be able to
develop the language and to be able to speak.  Tomorrow we are doing another English fast, so I would appreciate it! :)  I now understand  why it is so hard to remember all that goes on in a week, because it  seems like we do SO MUCH STUFF!  So forgive me if this is short! 

Oh!  Thanks to Sister B for the letter, to my family for the package and  letters!  I love them!  I appreciate all your prayers and support!  I  love being a missionary!  It has changed my life completely!  I now  have a very strong testimony of relying on the Lord.  As a missionary  preaching in a different language, I have to rely on the Lord day and  night that I will be able to speak and to understand the language, and  it is hard, but it is POSSIBLE! :)

                                              Love you guys! :)
                                              Con Amore, Her. Duncan :)

The girls had a sleep over party


Surprise package from home

Looks like they are having fun!

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