Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Miracles, Hijoles, and Doughnuts. :) WEEK FOOOOOOOOOOUR!!!!

Hola everyone!!!!!!

SUP?! I hope all is well!!!! :) Things are going great here! I suppose! :) First things first. I want to thank my mommy for sending me donuts. They were delicious! And with all the struggles and frustrations throughout the week, I would go home, eat a doughnut, and everything was okay. So thank you mom! Hermana Nelson got some donuts too, so we had 3 dozen donuts and she even ate one in the shower!  She says you have not lived until you eat a doughnut in the shower, so if you have not, you better get on that!
We had some great spiritual experiences this week! First one would be when we went to TRC (Teaching Resource Center) where we actually teach volunteers (most of them are members, but some are actual investigators!) Hermano Polo said there were not many people that day to teach so Hermana Brown and I were together with Hermana Nelson and Hermana Redford.  We had a lesson all prepared and it was suppose to be about receiving answers to our prayers, and we said a quick prayer together and prayed that we would be able to teach with the spirit and we would be able to help whoever we were teaching.  A girl around our age came in, her name is Casy and she is so beautiful! We started to get to know her and asked her what she liked and we learned that she loves to do ballet! :) We began our lesson with a prayer and we discussed what we were going to share with her.  Hermana Nelson asked her if she felt like there was any time in her life that she did not receive an answer to her prayers.  She waited a moment and she began to cry and told us that she had a boyfriend who is an RM and they want to get married, but she feels like she needs to go on a mission.  She had only discussed it with her mother the day before (I think, I may be missing some details, my Spanish is not up to par!) about it, and she did not know what to do.  Well. Three of us (Me, Hermana Brown (My comp.) and Hermana Nelson) have boyfriends serving missions!  We just looked at each other and we knew we were suppose to help her.  We shared some scriptures with her about receiving answers to prayers, and I shared my experience with her about making those exact decisions while Zach was out, as well as Hermana Brown and Hermana Nelson.  We were all in tears, because the spirit was so strong and in my heart I knew she was suppose to go on a mission.  She would be a great missionary!   Her spirit is so strong, and I hope to see her again! I already love her! i love all the investigators we have! (Even if two are pretend and they are our teachers) but I still want to help each of them and to serve them.  That is why I am here! :)  Oh! Alejandro committed to baptism!!!!!!!!! :D YAYYYYYYY!!!! He is getting baptized December 6th! Three days before I leave! :) We finally figured out the problem, and he just wants to be with his family forever.  His mom died when he was young, and he fears that she is in a not so nice place and we informed him that is far from the truth, but she can be in paradise if the work is done for her, and the only way to do that is to get baptized! So I invited him to follow the example of Christ and to be baptized, and he said yes, but he would have to ask his wife. His wife is a member, why would she not say yes?! haha :) So yep! All has been so well! I love this Gospel! It is so wonderful! I feel like I have been blessed so much this week with my Spanish, and I feel like I took a huge leap.  I still struggle, but it is getting so much easier. :)

Yesterday I got to leave the CCM with my companion!!! Haha :) Her retainer broke the night before and she had to go to a dentist that was an hour away, and it was quite the experience! :P People here are nuts.  Everyone drives super fast, everyone is swerving around one another, and random people will be in the middle of the street selling tacos.  What.  I actually got really sick on the way home because if the crazy driving! It was not pleasant, lets just say that. But it was a good experience nonetheless.  Hermana Brown waved at someone, and the Mosiah, the Hermano with us told us not to do that because they will think that we want to hook up. O.O No thank you! Haha :) The dentist was a member and she turned on some primary songs for us while we were there, and it has been so nice to hear music! We are not aloud to listen to music here, and it is very sad!

Oh! And I finally saw Preston! :) I see him every once in a while, and it is weird seeing someone I use to see almost every day! haha :) But he seems to be doing good, and he seems happy! So yeah! :) I call him by Preston and he calls me by Rachel, and our companions always correct us, haha. SILLY COMPEƑEROS! :D

Oh! And these pictures are all pictures of us sleeping through devotionals, classes, and even in the great outdoors.  it is kind of hard not falling asleep when you are so dang busy and tuckered out by the end of the day! :) Im guilty too!

Spanish of the Week:
¡Hijoles! - (Ee-hole-ez) Oh my goodness! Elder Kummerman says it all the time haha :)

Love you all! Have a great Thanksgiving! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you all!  Save me a slice of pie for me! ;) 

Con Amore,
Hermana Rachel Duncan :)

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