Monday, December 15, 2014

Blowing up phones, ties, and brain cells!! Week 7

Hola everyone!!!!
THIS WEEK HAS BEEN CRAZY! But it has been soooooo wonderful!!!! C:
I finally made it to California! And I looooooove it! :) I forgot how wonderful it is here! So glad to be back to this wonderful place! :)  My companion is Hermana Roos, she is from Idaho Falls, Idaho, and she has 4 1/2 months left.  I LOVE HER OOBERS!!! She is so nice! :) And she laughs at all my jokes, so that is a plus! ;)
This week has been so crazy, so busy, I just don't know what to do with myself! First off, getting here to California was great, but I was soooo tired! I still am recovering from all the traveling.  But all is well! :)
This week we had a BUNCH of choir things! Oh! Yeah, I am in the choir! X) Yay! :)  I love it! We had a bunch of events to go to this week! We had a really awesome experience yesterday while at the Innerfaith program!  The Innerfaith thingy is a bunch of churches from all over join together (peacefully) and we put together a music program! We sang last and it was soooooooo cooooooolllllll!!!!
We say Joy to the World in a flashmob(ish) way.  First Elder Mitts started singing, then Elder Mofatt, then Elder (Icannotremember...) And then we stormed in and BANG! Started singing! :) It was so cool! We totally caught them by surprise! ;) Then we say He Sent His Son, and I just love that song because not everyone has ever heard it, so I noticed a few people tearing up! (Good job choir!) And then we finished off with Angels We Have Heard on High (LOOOOOOVE) And it was sooooo powerful! The Spirit was so strong and We got a standing ovation! It was so awesome! :) We have some other choir events this week, so I am excited! :)
We currently only have one investigator, and that is Ma--.  We visited her on my second day, so I don't really know her that well.  All we know is her aunt or something like that is a member and asked us to teach her family and Marisa was interested! So we are currently on the hunt for new investigators!  Which is not easy! But that is what we are here for! :)
So, I have some wonderful roommates! Love them! They are Sister Smart and Sister Lafluer (I think that is how you spell it, sorry Sister Lafluer! Teehee! ;)) Anyways, I just love them! They are great! :)  We have parties every night, to celebrate something!  For example, I needed to destroy my tracphone, and we spent a good 15 minutes smashing it, burning it, and melting it.  It was very relaxing! ;D Haha, just kidding! But it was fun!  And Sister Smart had her 6 months the other day and it is a tradition to burn something when you make it to your 6, 12, and 18 month mark.  So an elder from her district gave her a tie and we poured a bunch of hand sanitizer on it and let that sucker BURN.  It was great.
*Disclaimer* We are not missing any limbs and nothing caught on fire! We were very safe!
Well everyone, this week has been a great one! I could say that not a lot happened, but at the same time, a lot did! So yeah!
Love you guys! :)
Con Amore,
Hna. Rachel Duncan
PS:  Check out the new Christmas video!!!!! It is amazing!!!
It will knock your Christmas stockings off your feet! ;) Love it oobers! :)
Spanish of the Week:
Feliz Navidad! (Fell-ease naw-vee-daad)
Merry Christmas! :)

If you live in the area and would like to go see the choir perform here is their schedule.

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