Monday, December 22, 2014


Hola Everyone!!! :)
Merry Christmas, everyone! So excited for Christmas! :) It doesn't even feel like December! It is so weird! :P Oh well!
This week has been crazy! But at the same time, nothing has been happening! So this just may be a short email! I don't have a lot of time anyways! :P
ugh. I don't even know where to begin! :P
Last Monday I got to go to the New Missionary Dinner, it was very nice! I want you all to be very jealous, because Sister Orgill makes really good food! :)  On Wednesday I went to my first ZTM (Zone Training Meeting) It was super awesome! :)  We learned a whole bunch of great stuff! :) Then on Thursday we had our mission Christmas Party! :) Had so much fun! :)  On Friday we got to go to the Chalk Walk, which it super cool! :) It was at the Laguna Niguel building (It is so pretty, I will send pictures! I failed to bring my camera, sorry! :P) And the choir was singing.  A bunch of people from all over got to draw pictures on the ground and there was a competition (I think) And there were some REALLY pretty ones! So cool! :) Then on Saturday we had our ward Christmas Party! :) Might I just say, that the Spanish ward really knows how to party! There was dancing, piñatas, and so much more! if anyone were to do that back home, you would be considered weird! :) haha :) But there were a bunch of non-members there! So we got to meet them and talk with them! :) It was great! :) Funny story! Okay, so there was so many people! SO MANY! And because of that there wasn't a lot of food, and so by the time I got through the line, all I got was a tiny scoop of rice and beans.  Haha :)  Oh well! ;) It was fun! :)
So! Something cool happened! In our mission we do this thing called the Windows of Heaven.  It is a proselyting technique we use, and I haven't done it yet, BUT I'M REALLY EXCITED!!! :) So before we set up a window, we pray to know of a VERY specific date, time, and place that we are meant to go.  Windows only last for an hour, and we are planning on doing 3 this week! One tomorrow, on Christmas Day, and on Saturday! :) Okay, to the cool part! :) So as we were praying to know what day, place, and time that we should do these windows, I had  a VERY strong impression that we needed to go to the plaza near our house on Christmas Day at 1 PM. As I was pondering, I simply wanted to know why, and right away, I saw a lady.  She has blonde hair, and she will be wearing a scarf and she will be on her way to return something.  I told my companion, and the Spirit was sooooo crazy strong.  It was so cool. :)  But yeah! Can't wait to meet her! :) I know that whoever she is, she has been waiting for a long time for the Gospel, in fact, she has been looking for it! :) The church is true, the book is blue, and God loves you! ^_^
During this week, I have been really pondering and studying the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus has for us.  And I promise each and everyone of you, and they do.  I have no doubt in my mind.  And because of Christ's infinite love, we are here.  We are who we are.  I truly believe that. Christ didn't have to die for us, but He chose to do so because He LOVES us.  I don't think that the Atonement would be an INFINITE Atonement unless there is love from Him.  Without love, we could not return to our Heavenly Father.  And Heavenly Father loves us so much, that He gave His son to us.  And He truly is the gift.  He is our reason for the season.  He is love.  And I would ask each of you to ponder within your heart to know what that means to you, and within this week, I encourage you to serve someone, anyone you meet, even if it is simply giving them a smile.  But I would encourage you all to pray for chances to serve others.  You will not only be blessed for your efforts, but you will be surprised who you will bless on this special Holiday.  May your holidays be full of love, happiness, and full of remembrance towards our dear Savior. I love you all, and I wish you all a very merry Christmas! :)
Con Amore,
Hna. Rachel Duncan
Spanish of the Week:
Estamos muy agradecido por todos bendiciones en nuestras vidas. (Eesta-mos(t - like most, but drop the t)-agra-des-ee-do-pour-toe-doe-bend-is-ee-on-ees-en-no-est-ras-vee-duhs) (That was really long! :P)
We are very grateful for all blessings in our lives :)
(appropriate for prayers) :)

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