Monday, December 29, 2014

It's A Wonderful Life!!! :) Week 9 - Month 2!!

How is it going guys?!  Hope your Christmas was great!
Sorry guys, this is going to be really short! :P I don't have a lot of tiiiiiiime! :(
This week was wonderful! So many great miracles this week! We potentially have a new investigator! It is Em-- daughter, whom just previously got baptized, Ya--, she is 13. She goes to church every Sunday with her mom and she went to Young Womens for the first time yesterday and she loved it! She was so excited for all the activities and she loves the girls there! We are going to visit with her on Wednesday at Sister Murray's house for breakfast and we are really looking forward to it! She seems so excited, and we are just as excited! She is so ready! We just need to teach her and she should be hopefully baptized soon! :)
We met a recent investigator in a window! She supposedly moved and so the hermanas lost contact with her and when we saw her Hermana Roos was so excited! She wants us to visit her sometime this week! So we are planning on doing that. She seems more open to us teaching her, but she told us she has a really hard time accepting the Restoration and more specifically Joseph Smith. So we are going to go point by point with her to make sure she really understands and make it very simple. We are really hoping that all will be good with her once again!

I feel like the language is finally clicking and I am speaking a whole lot more! Hermana Roos and I are doing a 40 Day Fast and included in that fast we are speaking Spanish most of the day. So we should definitely have some improvement! :)

We had two windows this week and we met a lot of people! We contacted 61 people in total, so it was great! I was on exchanges this week with Hermana Williams and it was wonderful! We had a window as well and we met this girl Sa--. She said she has been trying to go to church to participate in "mass" but she must have been trying to go at night, because every time she went it was closed up. So we told her that there was going to be a service the next day and she said she would go! So hopefully she did! Hermana Williams said she would get ahold of the missionaries in that area, so hopefully she did! Because she seems SUPER interested!
Christmas was great! Loved it! :) Thanks everyone who either sent me a card or sent me a package, I truly appreciate it! I am going to try to personally write each one of you, but it is kind of hard to do that, but I WILL try! :) So thank you! :)  We had a lot of fun, and I loved it so much.  We had a Zone fiesta on Christmas Eve and we watched "It's a Wonderful Life" which was the first time I have ever watched it! It was great! :) Loved it! :)
Thank you everyone who has done something significant or something small for me, especially at this time of year, you are all in my prayers! I hope all of you had a wonderful week! Oh! And Happy New Year! :)
Hna. Rachel Duncan
PS: These are all the pictures that I have been meaning to send, but I either forgot my camera, or my cord. :P Enjoy! :)
Outside of Rachels Apartment 
Christmas Skype

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