Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hola guys!  How is everything going? :)
Hope all is well! Transfers are this week! But thankfully, I am staying here in Mission Viejo with Hna. Roos! YAYYYYYYY!  The one thing I love about this mission is the fact that for Spanish, there are only 2 areas, and 1/2 of my mission will (hopefully) be spent in both areas, that way I get to really know the people here!  I love the Hispanic culture and people.  They are so humble and they would simply do anything for us! I LOVE THEM SOOOOO MUCH!!!
The cool thing is next transfer, I get to co-train!  I know this simply because there will be 2 new Hermanas coming, and one will probably go with Hna. Roos and one with Hna. Williams, and there will be 5 of us!  Therefore.... I will be in a trio! WOOOOOO! :) And I am sooooooo excited to meet the new Hnas!  Especially Hna. Garcia!  :)
This week has been good!  Lots of miracles for our zone!  In the past 2 weeks, our zone has had 4 baptisms! :)  AND THIS WEEK THE ELDERS IN OUR DISTRIC ARE HAVING ONE!!!! Woooooo!  It is a 21 year old guy, named A...  he is super cool! :)  His older brother has been a member for little over a year now, and he is preparing to go to the Temple!  Speaking of which, we gave 2 Temple tours in Spanish!  I forgot to mention that... I GIVE TEMPLE TOURS!!! Oops! haha :)  Every Thursday and Saturday!  So I get to go to the temple every week!  And luckily today we get to go!  I love seeing the Temple!  :)  Anyways!  The temple tour with A... was WONDERFUL!!! His brother was so helpful and he bore his testimony to him and the spirit was so strong!  A... was a little concerned about baptisms for the dead... he literally thought we baptized DEAD PEOPLE.... It was funny, haha :)  Anyways, then we gave a tour to a older couple who are preparing to go to the temple for themselves!  They were so excited and your could feel the Spirit so strongly! :) YAY!  We didn't get to teach Ya... at all this week... But we did get to see her yesterday!  Every time we plan on seeing her, she is either asleep, out with friends, or taking a shower... So it is kind of hard! haha :)  But we are doing our best! :)  We have been trying to get in contact with So..., a recent referral, but we can't get ahold of her.  So this week we are going to REALLY try to see her!  I'M DETERMINED!!!!

We got to give 2 temple tours in Spanish last Saturday!  They were so wonderful!  One was for A.., (who is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!) And Elder Ortiz and Elder Delcamp got to come as well! :)  It was so cool because his brother, Pablo, he is preparing to take out his endowments, and so he got to bare testimony to his brother of how the Temple has blessed his life, and it was just so amazing! :)  The other tour was for a older couple who are preparing to enter the temple together!  They are so excited!  WE ARE SO EXCITED! :)
So! I contacted my first set of JW Missionaries!!!! IT WAS WEIRD.  We were in a window and my companion was talking to one guy and two girls were walking by and I wasn't going to just let them go, so I went up to them and introduced myself and asked them if they were interested in learning more about Christ, and they said, "We are actually Jehovah Witnesses.  We are signing missionaries and we help those who are deaf, do you know what sign language is?"
........ Really?
I explained that I DO know what sign language is and told them that I was CALLED OF GOD to serve the people of the Hispanic culture, and they gave me the up and down and were kind of sassy, haha. :)  They asked me if I knew anyone who was deaf, and I honestly don't, so I told them no, and in return I asked them if they knew anyone who spoke Spanish who could use our message, and they said, "No, but if we do, we will let you guys know."  OKAY.
I HAD MY FIRST CREEPER EXPERIENCE! :D (Wooooooo....)  So.  There is this one apartment complex that a lot of members live in that we go visit a lot throughout the week, and we had a few appointments there.  We ran into one of the members on the street as they were walking to the store and we were talking with them for a little bit.  I looked towards the main street and there was this guy walking towards us, so we all moved off the sidewalk so he could pass.  Well.. He stopped and stood right next to Janet, (member) and just waited there, and we just looked at each other, and Janet said, "Are you wanting to speak with them?"  And he nodded his head.  So they left, and we just awkwardly stood there and started talking with him.  His name is Pallab and he is from Nepal. He can speak English, and he was good at it, but he had a hard time understanding us.  From the very beginning, the Spirit was telling me we needed to leave.  We asked him if he wanted to learn more about the church and he said yes, so we scheduled an appointment with him for tomorrow. (Gulp.)  And in the meanwhile of all this, he is smoking.  Randomly he offers us his cigarette, and we just were like.... Really? But we kindly declined. (Obviously..)  And asked him more questions, and he said he had been here for 5 months and he was a student.  We got all his information, and started walking away.  Not 10 seconds later, he is calling us back, and asking where we lived.  That kind of concerned me... We told him that we lived 10 minutes away and that we would be able to see him.  Then he asked if we had a car, and we said yes... Images of the movie Taken and Saratov Approach started playing in my head, and I was thinking, "Great, I'm going to die."  I don't know, the atmosphere overall was super creepy, and he was talking really creepy, and I am now super paranoid, haha.  Thankfully, we are doing a pass-along lesson, since we won't be able to teach him anyways!  So the elders in his area will be coming with us so we can introduce them to him.  But in the meanwhile, please keep us in your prayers!  D:
So.  Funny story.  Super quick, cause I'm running out of time!  On Sunday we were on our way to the Bishop's house for dinner and we were getting out of our car, and we heard this really loud, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" sound, almost like a weed-whacker.  5 seconds later we see a grown man on a mini Vespa.  I. DIED.  It was sooooooooo funny.  Then 5 seconds later, ANOTHER grown man came past on HIS mini Vespa!  XD  My companion and I looked at each other, and then I started singing:
"THEY SEE ME ROLLIN'.... THEY HATIN'!!!!" And Hna. Roos about died, haha :)  It was so funny. :)  You would have had to be there, haha. :)
I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all soooooo much! :)
Con amor,
Hna. Rachel Duncan
Spanish of the week:
Estoy emocionado! (Es-toy-ee-mosh-ee-nod-o)
I'm excited!

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