Monday, January 5, 2015

FELIZ ANO NUEVO!!!! ^.^ (Week 10)

WASSUP?! Hola! Como Estas?! :D

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! C: I hope it was a great one! :)

This week has been full of miracles! We have witnessed the hand of the Lord in our service countless times this week! We taught Ya-- for the first time this past Tuesday and it was so wonderful! We were fortunate enough to eat breakfast with Sister Murray, who is in the YWs Presidency and she was so helpful! We taught her the Restoration and she was very receptive of it! She seemed so interested to know more, and the Spirit was so strong! We invited her to pray to know if what we had taught her was true and she did so and after a minute or so of pondering, she told us yes! We invited her to be baptized on January 17th, and I think she was very overwhelmed, that she simply said, "I don't know!" But she was soooo happy! I have no doubt she will be baptized though! We were talking with her mom the next day and she said that she was so much happier when she got home and giving her a lot of hugs, and I know that it was because she felt the Spirit. :) We are so excited! Unfortunately, the past three days we had lessons set up and they all fell through because they had a friend from Mexico come and stay with them for a few days, but Em-- told us that Ya-- really wanted to see us. But we are seeing her later today, and we are so excited! :) We are planning on teaching her about the Book of Mormon! :)

We had a lot of windows this past week, and we met a lot of potentials! We have been trying to get in contact with them, but we haven't had any luck. But we are still working on it! Unfortunately, a lot of the people we contacted gave us wrong numbers or addresses.... Which is really sad.. But it is okay! :) We are still trying to find them! :) 

Not much is going on!  Our heater broke the other day and so it was FREEZING! Ugh.  But all is well now! :) 

Please pretty please keep investigators in your prayers! We are soooooo close!  Also please keep my family in my prayers and my best friend Zachary!  They have been sick for the past few weeks! :( Sad. :(

Love you all so very much! I hope your new year is FABULOUS!!!
Oh! I have a challenge for all of you!

We are challenging all the members to read the Book of Mormon every day since it is the New Year, so that they can finish it by the end of the year! I extend this challenge to all of you! If it be personal, or with your family, please do so! I promise you it will enrich your life forever! :)  Thank you everyone!

I love you oobers!

Con Amore,
Hna. Rachel Duncan
Spanish of the week:

Que tenga buen dia! (K-tang-a-bu-en-dee-a) Have a great day! :)
Apartment View
Mountain Snow

Rachels Many faces

Hermana Duncana and Hermana Murphy

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