Monday, January 26, 2015

The Members Are Trying to Kill Me! :O (Week 13)


Como estan?!  :)  I hope all is well for you guys!!  This has been a really slow, uneventful week, but it has been a good one! :) We again, did not get to see Ya... or So...  It has been really frustrating. But I know that it will be okay in the end, and that if they are ready, they will be able to visit more with us. :) We have been able to see lots of less actives this week though! :) Hna. Roos and I are focusing on formers and less-actives, sense it has been stressed to visit them more, and we are hoping to see much improvement by that! We have been able to see Ma…  and An…, who are Focus 15’s, and they are so nice! For the longest time, (Since I got here...) we have been trying to see them, and we have not until last week! (We weren't able to not on their part, but ours.) Last Sunday we invited them to an activity at the church for Thursday, and they came!!!! :D It was so much fun! We played volleyball and we just have enjoyed visiting them. :) We went over to their house last night and taught them the Restoration, and it was wonderful! We are hoping that this will help their family a whole lot! :)

The music fast was wonderful! I loved it so much! We ended it this last week, and I have been small miracles come from it. The main thing I learned from the fast is to be obedient in exactness and to be strong. My companion and I decided to listen to the Book of Mormon of CD whenever we were in the car, and we informed our roommates of our goals, and they were very supportive. Out of the two week that we fasted, we had 5 baptisms! It was amazing, and I am so grateful that we as a zone could do it. I know that sacrificing music seems like not much, but now I am sensitized to what I should and shouldn't listen to, and the Spirit can always be with me because of this experience! :)

An…'s baptism was wonderful! All the Hermanas got the opportunity to do a music number, and the Spirit was very strong! I knew that An… felt the Spirit! Many people came to the baptism, and even some who are investigating the church! It is so exciting to witness the work that we are partaking of! It always reminds me of when I was baptized, and I love being able to recall what it was like for myself to enter the waters of baptism. :) The best part of it all was probably that An…l's older brother, Pa…, got to baptize him! It was so cool! I love being a missionary!

So... I MET ELDER RASBAND.  WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!  If you are not familiar to who that is, he is the president of the 70!  On Saturday night we were sitting at our little table during temple tours, and a car pulls up and he rolls down his window and says, "Hi!  I'm Ronald Rasband.  I'm a general authority and I like to visit with missionaries.  Come shake my hand!"  And we were all just like: :O  It was so cool! :)  He asked us who we were and where we were from and it was just so cool! Loved it!

I ALMOST DIED LAST FRIDAY.  Not really... But anyways!  So we were eating at a member's home and we were having mol'e!  It was the first time I have ever ate it, and I knew it was going to be weird, because well... It is chocolate covered chicken pretty much... It is... Interesting. Anyways!  So I had taken about 3 bites and I started to cough because my throat was getting itchy!.... Then it started to burn.... Then I couldn't breathe! :P  I whispered to Hna. Roos, "Uhhhh.... I think I'm allergic to this!"  And her eyes got really big and whispered back, "DON'T EAT IT!!!"  So we told the members and they ran and got me some allergy medicine, I took it, and within 15 minutes I was better. :)  So no more Mol'e for me! :)  I am not too upset about it! Haha :)

I forgot to mention last week!  I got the chance to meet the Armstrong family from Meet the Mormons! :D  On January 18th, there was a fireside that they gave that we got to go too, and it was so awesome!  We got to hear from Dawn, Anthony, and Craig!  There is definitely a lot that was not said in the movie, but it was really awesome!  I learned a lot from it, and I actually got to talk with Dawn!  (Mom, she says hi!  Cause I told her you were a big fan! :)  And she loves you!)  It was really cool! :)

Well, not much else is going on this week!  It is currently raining!  I LOVE THE RAIN! :)  Hope you guys are not freezing to death!  You are all in my prayers!  Thank you for all the support and love!

Con Amor,

Hna. Rachel Duncan


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