Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Companion Doesn't Know English Anymore... ( Week 14/3 Month Mark)


How are you all doing?  I hope all is well for you!  This week has been good!  We have received A LOT of referrals this week!  We received 3 referrals!  That is a lot more than usual!  We were able to contact 2, and we are hoping to contact the other one today!  One of them is not interested, but that is okay, we will continue to pray for her, and hope that one day she will be open to our message.  She has a son who is a member and who is very active in the church.  So hopefully by his example, she will be more open to us! :)

Spanish is going great this week!  I have been trying to speak more and more every day!  And Hna. Roos has been such wonderful help!  I am finally caught up with 12 week and so I feel a whole lot better!  I really enjoy studying, it truly makes a huge difference to your day!  I have been studying the Old Testament, and I learn something new everyday from it!  I am able to understand it more clearly, and it is much easier to apply into my life. :)  I am almost done reading in the Book of Mormon (personally) and I am currently in 3 Nephi! Currently I am reading the Book of Mormon in 3 different settings!  Personally, as a companionship, and in Spanish.  I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish by the way!  TOOK FOREVER!!!  But I feel like my Spanish is took a huge jump because of it!  What the Prophets say is true!  If you read it in the language you are to speak, you will be able to speak and understand it!  I love this book!  I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true!  I am so grateful to have the knowledge of it's truthfulness and that I can be a stronger missionary because of it! :)

We got to FINALLY see Y..n this week!  FINALLY!  We have a lesson planned with her today, and we are really hoping it will actually happen!  But we are really hoping with these few referrals, that we will pick up 2 investigators!  Oh!  And we are may even have 3!  A lady that comes to English class had a lesson scheduled with the North Elders, but her husband will not be home, so they are sending us!  We are sooooo excited!  She is super nice, and I feel like we will be picking her up as an investigator today!  Yay!

We didn't get to see a lot of less-actives this week, but we saw A LOT of actives!  It was awesome!  A lot of people who are usually less-active, have been "active", and so we are really excited about that.  I truly see the tender mercies of working with less-actives!  I see a huge difference in their lives, and they are huge examples to their families! :)  So happy!  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! :)

So.. Saturday night we were visiting J..t and her family, (a member that is super duper awesome!  Her and her husband are preparing for the Temple!!!!!) and we were eating Tenga, (SO GOOOOOOOOD!)  And J..t's step-dad walked into the kitchen and was grabbing a few beers (He doesn't like us!  Everytime we see him he is either wasted or super angry.)  And he stopped to talk to J..t and then he turns to my companion and IN ENGLISH (broken English) says, "Do you want a beer?"  And what does my companion say? "SI!" *FACEPALM* He hands her the beer and J..t and I look at each other with eyes the size of plates and were like, "HERMANA! NO!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"  Hna. Roos realized her mistake and she was like, "No!  Sorry!  I heard you wrong!  I thought he said 'Esta Bien?'!"  He left and J..t followed him into his room and chewed him out, because he obviously knew that we don't drink, he was just trying to mess with us.  But it was funny! :)  Silly Compenera!!! ;)

I hit 3 months last Thursday!!!! THAT IS SO WEIRD!  I feel like I have only been gone for a month!  NOT 3!!!!  Time is flying by!!! Wow! :P  Sister Smart, one of our roommates, her birthday is on February 4th, so we are going to celebrate her birthday and surprise her!  Also!  My Great-grandpa is turning 102 that day!  Happy Birthday Grandpa Clarence!  YOU ARE SO YOUNG!  You don't look a day over 70! ;)  I love you so much Grandpa, and I wish I could be there to celebrate it with you!  I love you! :)

Not much else is really going on!  Just staying busy and working hard as usual!  If you would please keep Y..n in your prayers, that would be great!  All of us missionaries are working with the Bishop and the Counselors to put together a Less-Active/Recent Convert/Whoever wants to come Temple Trip!  We are planning on doing it March 13!  We are super excited! :)  We hope that a lot of people will come! :)

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day!  I love you all so much, and you are all in my prayers!  Thank you for the support, and for all the kind words!  Love you guys!

Hna. Rachel Duncan

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