Monday, April 20, 2015


This week has been wonderful!  I love my new companions!  Hna. Williams and Hna. Christensen are the best!  It has been interesting working in a trio... But I really like it!  :)  Hna. Christensen is so great!  She is so hard working and she is so determined!  Her Spanish is so good, and all the members are really impressed by it!  She understands and speaks a lot, so that is really good!  We have had a lot of teaching opportunities this week, and she has jumped right in!  We have taught her most of the big lessons, such as the Resto, Book of Mormon, Plan, and Gospel.  We have taught all of them too, so it has been great!  As trainers, we are really trying to focus of getting studies in.  They are so important!  And they truly make a huge difference!  She has been adapting so well, and she is just giving her all, so I am super excited to work with her and with Hna. Williams! :)

We picked up to new investigators this week!  They are both girls, Mia (Me-uh) and Aris (Ah-rees).  Mia is maybe 13 years old, and she lives with Mariana and Ana, who we visit a lot.  She just sat in on our lesson and we showed them the He Lives Video.  They both really liked it! :)  We asked them is we could have a return appointment with them for this Wednesday, and they said yes. :) Quite honestly, is Mia ready for the main lessons? We really don't think so.  We are just going to work with her little by little and get her faith going.  There really was no indication given that she is what you would consider "Golden"  but hey, we are going to take every opportunity we get to teach someone the Restored Gospel! :)  Aris we actually met in the middle of our lesson with Margarita!  We were teaching Margarita The Plan of Salvation, and one of her friends was walking by, and Margarita invited her to sit down and listen to our message!  Does that count as an investigator present lesson?  Haha :)  Anyways, The lesson with margarita went really good!  She was very accepting to our message and we confirmed her baptismal date with her, for the second of May!  That is next Saturday!!! We have so much to teach her still, so we are going to be working really hard!  But Aris seems really interested, she said she felt like she needed to come by, and TAADAAH!  She also mentioned that she feels like "something is missing" .... WE HAVE WHAT YOU ARE MISSING! :D

So funny story!  I have been getting my senses kind of mixed up this week.. I am now the designated driver in our companionship. (Yikes!)  Our first day together was kind of scary.  haha  Putting a farm town girl in a city is not really fun, haha, but I really enjoy driving, so it's not a big deal!  But anyways!  So I was driving and we were heading to the Store and I was in the turning lane to turn left, and for some silly reason, I stopped (because the light was red) and then I started going again!  (AHHHHHH!)  But I quickly stopped and Hna. Christensen and hna. Williams may or may not have freaked out... And then this comes out of my mouth.. "AH! I'M SORRY! I CAN'T READ COLORS!"

Let's just say that both my companions were dying of laughter.

Not much more to share this week!  I hope you are all doing great! :)

Love you guys! :)

Con Amor,
Hna. Rachel Duncan

I hope you have a great week and know that you are in our prayers! :)  Thank you! 

Hna. Rachel Duncan 

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