Monday, July 6, 2015


Hola Todos! Como estan? :)

Espero que todo es bueno! :)

So... A LOT happened this week.. 
First of all...
MY COMPANIONS HAD LICE. Ew. Ew. Ew. EWWWWWWW.  So on Tuesday Hna. Carmack came up to me and asked me if I could check her head for lice, because she said for the past FOUR days her head had been itching.. So I checked... and sure enough.. she had lice. A LOT OF IT.  So I had to check everyone's head and hna. Garcia had lice eggs... I was very blessed, and I didn't have anything! :D  So all day Tuesday I spent cleaning and combing out lice of Hna. Carmack's hair.  It took 4 straight hours to just comb it.  It was HORRIBLE.  Thankfully she is better now and lice free.  All I have to do is do the treatment again for her...  Hna. Garcia still has eggs in her hair.. It has been a real pain.... Ugh.

The next big news is... I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED.....
I'm so scared!  I had an idea that I was going into English and Elder Corcus, one of the assistants called me and told me that I am OPENING up an area that has NEVER had sisters before. I'M. FREAKING. OUT. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!  He also said that President Orgill Choose me because he trusts me and knows I will work hard... :O
So yeah. Nothing TOO exciting.. :P haha 

I WENT TO MISSION VIEJO ON THE 4TH!!!! Ahhhh, it was the BEST!  It made me SO. HAPPY.  I got to be with Hna Christensen (!!!!!!!!) and we did so many things!  First of all, we got to play Futbol! :D  I really suck at soccer, but it is a lot of fun.  It is HUGE in the two Spanish wards.  And... EMILIA CAME!!! :D  It made me so happy!  I really miss her!  But I'm so grateful I got to see her! :)  And Amalia and Pedro! Ah! My life is complete! :D Anyways... After Futbol we went out on a Friendsip date (yes, we are THOSE hermanas)  to Wendy's! :)  I freaking love Wendy's. While we were eating we got a call from los elders Norte (North Elders) and they told us we had ANOTHER dinner... OKAY! :D  So we went and it was really good food!  We went to a recent converts house and they made us some good old 4th of July food! :D  (Mexican style!)  We had Mulenadas, Which I couldn't eat because I'm allergic to it. :P  Mac n Cheese (it was so freaking good!) Pollo, (Chicken) Pasta, and pan (Bread). :)   It was really good! :)  Then afterwards we had a window and we got there and not 5 minutes into our window we found a man sitting on the side of the curb crying. :(  He was Hispanic.  We asked him if he was okay and in English he said, "If you're single.." O.O  So he goes on to telling us that his wife left him and that is was homeless and that he was al alone and just needed someone in his life.  We just looked at each other and were like... <_<      >_>
So we told him that our message that we share would really help him and that he would find peace in his life if he listened, and out of no where, he told us we were the most beautiful women he had ever met... O.O OKAY.
So we suggested that we go down into the park (Where there were lots of people) and he said he would but then he said that he had been drinking a "few" drinks and he had to go to the bathroom... AWKO TACO.  Okay.  It's fine. It's fine.
So we go down into the park and I call the North elders and ask them to come so that we could leave and that this guy wouldn't do anything stupid. :P  They came and we ran off and all is well.  they invited him to go to church the next day, and he said he would, but I guess they called him the next day and he had no idea what had happened... So yeah.

Happy 4th by the way! I love you guys!


Con Amor,
Hna. Rachel Duncan

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