Monday, July 27, 2015

HUMP DAY!/9 Months Out and I have Calluses to show for it! :P (Week 35?/9 Months!

Hola! Como estan? :)

Sorry guys this is going to be a short one this week!  This week was really hard. :P  Not a lot happened! :P  Although we do have a miracle!  Our zone had a goal of getting 770 contacts this week, and our zone has never made that goal.  So we each made a goal of getting 70 contacts per companionship (we have a lot of gated communities in our area so it was hard... But we got 47, and that alone is a miracle for us!)  But as a zone... we got...
820 CONTACTS.  :D Woooooo! :) Yay! :)


AH.  I'm half way done!!!! CRAZYYYY!!!! Es bien loco!

We have 2 new investigators!  And... they are atheists.  :P GREAT.  *sigh*
Their names are Irma and Jim.  They are super nice and very kind, but they are super stubborn. :/  Everything we explain to them follows with a "Why?" and I it is completely new to me, because I've never taught an atheist! :P  They have no intention of getting baptized, sadly... But that is what THEY think... ;D We were going to have a lesson with them today, but they had to cancel... :(  But luckily, we saw them twice this last week!  So it was good. :)

Whelp.  That is pretty much it! :P

See you all in 9 months! :D

Con muchisisisimo amor
Hna. Rachel Duncan

PS:  Guys.  I have Calluses on my knees.  FROM PRAYING.  Yessssssssssssssss!  My dream has come true! :D
(It was a goal of mine in the MTC... Don't judge.)

Nos Vamos! :*

Spanish of the Week:
Estoy en el camino?
Am I on the way/Path?

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