Monday, July 20, 2015

Bi-Polar California :P (Week 34 I think?)

Hola Todos! :)

It has been really bi-polar here in CA. :P
For the past few days, it has been really hot in the mornings, and then it just randomly pours cats and dogs outside. :P  Sukpposedly there was a hurricane outside of the coast of CA,and we are just getting the rain and wind from it. :P silly Weather!

This week we saw a lot of active members in the ward, just so we can get to know the members.  It was fun, and we got a lot of visits!  The members absolutely love us or something, haha. :)  We have 2 potential investigators and they are Adrianne and Irma.  Adrianne we tracted into on Tuesday night.  We had really no one to see so we decided to go tracting and we picked a random col-de-sac.  It was kind of fun how it all happened, haha :)

As we were getting out of the car we noticed a lady walking into her home and we knew we would be able to talk to her, but we went to the first house on the street, and a man answered the door and he wasn't very interested.   Then we were headed to the house which the lady walked into, and the sprinklers were on, and the path was all wet, and we were kind of conflicted if it was worth even trying to get to the door because we would be soaking wet... So we decided we would try when we went to all the houses. As we were walking away, they turned off!  We looked at each other and I said.. "IT'S A SIGN FROM GOD."  So we walk up to the door and knock on it like 3 times... and we knew that there was someone there... and they didn't answer. :P  We went onto the next house and we knew someone was there, but yet AGAIN, no one answered.  So we said, Okay, this is the last house, and then we are done.  So we go up to the door and ring the doorbell and we hear a lot of barking from like 50 dogs, and after waiting for a while, Adriane comes out!  We did the little survey with her she was super receptive of it and we asked her if she wanted to learn more and she said she did, and that she wanted us to stop by on Saturday (this past Saturday) so we could teach her and her husband together. We gave her a Book of Mormon and set up a time to go see her.  unfortunately, when we went to go see her, it was evident that they were home, and they didn't answer the door. :(  So we are hoping to stop by again this week and hopefully see her. :)

Irma was an investigator of the Elders for a while.  We have been trying to catch her, but every time we would barely miss her.  But! We finally caught her! :)  So that was good! :)  We asked her if she wanted to take the lessons from us, because we knew the Elders were teaching her, and she said that she really wasn't interested, and we said okay.  But she continued talking to us and asking us where were from, and the philosophy of why we wear skirts. :P  So after explaining it to her, she just randomly said, "Wait, I changed my mind.  I need a FEMALE perspective of this." So we set up a time to see her, and we will be seeing her tonight!  We are excited. and we hope it works out! :) She is really nice! :)

For those of you who don't, I got a Ukulele! :)  I named her Luna :) (Moon in Spanish)  She is B-E-A-U-TIFUL!  I still need to talk pictures, but I love to play my little Uke whenever I get the chance!  I have learned a lot of fun songs! :)  It is just a fun way to be busy! :)

I hope you are all having a great day! Love you all! :)

Con mucho Amor,
Hna. Rachel Duncan

Spanish of the Week:
Puedes tocar un instrumento?

Can you pay an instrument? :)

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