Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me and Merry General Conference! :) (Week 45)

Hola Todos! :)

This week has been wonderful! 
So!  I'm still in English work!  I am now serving in Marina Hills in the Laguna Niguel Stake!  Which is great because I use to cover this area in my first area! Woohoo! ;)  My companion is Sister Smith!  She is from Glendive, MT!  She lives about 3 hours East of Billings, so we are PRACTICALLY neighbors!
I have really enjoyed being with Sister Smith, and I have learned a lot from her!  I love being in this area and in this ward!  I don't know a lot of people yet, but I am really looking forward to learning everyone's names and helping everyone here! :)
General Conference was AMAZING!!!
I absolutely loved it!  I just can't put into words what I learned and the things that I need to work on!  It was such an enriching experience, and I just loved it.  I would love to share with you the things that I pulled out of Conference from those who shared such inspiring messages. (Which was pretty much EVERYONE.)
THOMAS S. MONSON - I love this man.  I love him so much.  I was praying so hard that he would be able to have the strength to finish his talk.  He looked so weak and frail, and I was begging and pleading with the Lord that we would have the strength he needed.  I am grateful for what he shared with all of us, though!  The power that was in his words truly penetrated my heart, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that he sees all of us as the way the Lord sees us.  And I'm not talking about just a small portion, but he sees us AS the Lord sees us.  Equally the same.  I felt so much love as he shared with us the things that we can do to let our light shine so forth among the darkness that so besets us.  I truly believe that we all need to be examples among the believers, and we have to set our standards so high, or else we will let others tear them down.  I loved it when he talked about charity as the pure love of Christ.  We really do need to be kind to one another.  We need to serve one another and we need to just love everyone.  Regardless of what anyone has said or done, we just need to love them.  Being an example in Spirit and in faith will be an anchor to others among all the other strengths that we have.  I really think that this was the last time we get to hear from our beloved Prophet... But I pray that whatever the Lord has in store for him and his family, will be done in love, mercy and kindness, and that once he returns to his sweet wife, we can all be assured that he fulfilled his mission and his calling on his earth.  The wonderful thing of it all is that the work does not end.  It just continues and goes on with far more greater possibilities. :)
RUSSELL M. NELSON - I absolutely loved this talk.  By the end of his talk, I felt like I have A LOT to work on, but I also felt like I am making a whole lot of progress!  I know the divine worth of women is infinite, and we are choice daughters whom are a big part of His plan.  One thing that really got to me was when he said the Lord needs our help and that without the work of women, His plan would not work.  There was just so much that I love about it!  I am running out of time! Ahh!
Last one!
JEFFERY R. HOLLAND - All I have to say is..
After hearing this talk I just couldn't stop crying!  I owe everything to my mother!  EVERYTHING!  I don't know what I would do without her, and I just can't stand the thought of never being with her!  I am so grateful that we have mothers.  I learned a lot on how I can prepare myself to be the mother and wife that I need to be for my future family.  After hearing this talk, I immediately felt the impression that what happened to the Stripling Warriors, will happen again.  In my notes I wrote:
"I think the Second Coming is very soon.  As future mothers, we need to set our foot down and rise up because we will be the only ones left to do it."  I pray that I will be strong enough for my future family is such a situation like this, and only hope and pray that all will heed to this council.
I loved conference!  I learned so much!

Sorry this is so short guys!  I am running out of time! 

Thanks for the birthday wishes!  Can't believe my birthday is tomorrow! AHHHH! #halfwayto40

Love you!

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