Monday, November 9, 2015

Again.. Call Me Job. (Week 50...Dang.)


So.  I am just an accident waiting to happen.
You know how I had that horrible infection in my kidneys?  I now have ANOTHER infection!  But this one is different! :P  (I'm going to spare you the details, TRUST ME.)  I had to go to the doctor and get prescribed on some MORE meds... GUH. So... With me taking so many different medications, I have been experiencing some HORRIBLE migrains and have had the hardest time waking up and sleeping.  UGH.  But I am feeling much better.. 

 *Knock on wood*

​So.  I went on exchanges with the AMAZING Phinney this week (Sister Phinney, but Phinney just sounds better)  She is from Canada (EH.) and I freaking love her.  If I could be her companion, we would cause a lot of trouble... In a good way, of course.  :)  Anyways!  We were finishing up Temple Tours and I got in the car and shut the door and realized that my seatbelt was stuck in the door!  So I open the door and put my LEFT HAND on the top of the door (Remember this part, it is very important...) and buckled my seatbelt... And slammed the door..
I slammed my pointer finger in the door!  D:
IT REALLY HURT. :(  I thought I lost my finger!  But I didn't! :)
Phinney laughed at me.  Actually, we were both laughing. ​

Now on to the crazy stuff!
Apparently I didn't do a good enough job to stay, haha. (I'm just kidding...)
I'm going to miss the people in Marina Hills!  They are all wonderful people, and I wish I could have gotten to know them all more!  But it is what is it! :P  I look forward to working in my new area! :)

Oh!  We made our goal by the way! 51 Book of Mormons! :)
What is possible to the Lord? EVERYTHING. :)
​Love you guys! :)

Sorry this is short, but I gots to go!!!​

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