Monday, November 16, 2015

Newport Beach is Where It's At!!!! :D (Week 51)

Hola Hola! :D
Hope you guys had a wonderful week! 
Great news!  I'm so excited to shared it all with you!!!!
I'm serving in the Newport Beach Zone in the University Park Ward with...
If only you all knew how happy I am!!!
So.  A little background information!  Sister Jensen came into the field the same transfer I did.  We were like immediate best friends because we didn't know anyone else!  We always joked around saying we always wanted to be together, but we knew that was IMPOSSIBLE because I was in Spanish and she was in English.  We were very fortunate enough when we were roommates when we both were in San Clamente though!  It was the best! :D  (That was the same time we had the whole lice thing go down... She and I were the only ones who didn't have it!)  So at transfer meetings, I had to give some stuff to the office missionaries since our area was closing down.  I gave Elder Degner the car keys and looked down at the table a noticed all these different plastic bags with pieces of paper in them indicating who they were coming from and who they were going to.  I noticed Sister Jensen's name and it said Uniersity Park.  I was like "Oh wow!  She will do great there!  I'm so excited to hear who her new companion is!"  Before the meeting I saw her and gave her a huge hug and told her that I knew where she was going and she said, "How do you know?"  I didn't tell her of course!  The meeting began and the were done assigning the new missionaries to their trainers and then they started with the Newport Beach Zone.  I wasn't really paying attention because I thought I was possibly going to Spanish... *cough-cough*  Then President Orgill said, "Now this is a new companionship covering the University Park Ward..."  I was like, "OH!
​I better pay attention so I know who Sister Jensen's companion is!"
"....... Hermana Duncan......
I started running towards her even before he said Sister Jensen's name!!!!​
".....And Sister Jensen."
She wasn't paying attention because she already served in Newport and didn't think she would go back. Haha :)
Finally she caught on and started screaming too and we gave each other a huge hug and everyone was laughing and we turned around towards Pres. Orgill and the look on his face was between puzzlement and amusement, haha :)  We were then like
"....SORRY." haha :)
It was really funny, haha :)
I love sister Jensen!  We have been having way too much fun!  haha :)  She seriously is probably my best friend!  A little about her!  She is from Mesa, AZ and she graduated from Cordon Bleu Culinary School as a pastry chef! :D  She is 23 and she is awesome! :)
The ward here is awesome too.  I already love it here!  The members are awesome and we are having lots of fun!
Not much more to say really!  I'll have more for you all next week! :)

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