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So.  As you know, my week last week could have been better.. BUT! I really worked hard this week with Sister Smith, and we were so blessed by our efforts!  It all started out last Wednesday at District Meeting - As a district we have a goal of handing out a Book of Mormon every day per each companionship.  That in total is 168 Book of Mormons by the end of the transfer.  Last week we were going over our goals... And... Well.. We are not doing so well with handing them out... We were short by 100... Ha. :P  So, Elder White was being funny and challenged the elders and us (Marina Hills ward)  to hand out 50 Book of Mormons by the following District Meeting (Wed.)  if we did, he would throw us a party and buy a cake and banners and balloons...  We of course, took the challenge!  At first my attitude about it was simply to prove him that we can do it.  But as the past couple of days have gone by, it is completely different!  So: just a re-cap of this week!
Wed:  After District Meeting Sister Smith and I went contacting after trying to visit less actives and we handed out 4 BOMs.  We contacted two kids maybe 16 years old and gave them both a Book of Mormon and they gave us their info., but we think it may be incorrect.  Elder Forthman showed me a cool trick to see if someone gives us the wrong number or address:  If you write down whatever info they give you and repeat it back to them but say one number off, they will either correct you or say, "Yeah, that's it."  So we did that and they gave us the wrong number.. But we are going to try it anyways, haha. :)  Why not?!
Thurs:  Handed out 4 more BOMs!  We were contacting in the Hidden Hills apartments and we contacted this lady named Bertha.  She was clearly about to leave because she was putting her kids in her car, but we offered our serviced to help because one of the kids is in a wheelchair.  We talked to her for a little bit and gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she would be open to hearing our message! :D  Yay!  So we are going to give it a shot and visit her this next week! :)
Fri:  Friday was a CRAZY day!  had so much to do!  We had the ward Trunk of Treat activity that night and we had quite a few set appointments. (Yay!)  We visited Jennifer and she said that she wouldn't be coming to the activity, but her daughter and Ex-Mother in Law would be going!  :)  We did share a message with her though on the Savior and the Great Commandment.  It was great! :)  later that night we had to go set up and help at the activity.  Sister Smith and I were in charge of the Bouncy House and making sure kids were being safe and all that good stuff.  Lillian, Jennifer's daughter came over to the Bouncy House and we asked her if her grandma was there and she was!  We tried catching her and talking to her but we were always asked to go do something or caught up talking to other people.  But I do know that they did have a great time! :)  Later during the actualy Trunk or treat, the Elders and us put our cars together and put a table out in front and put two pumpkins we carved (I carved one, Elder Holland carved the other) and put some Book of Mormons on it and we handed out candy and talked to everyone. It was HILARIOUS.  Elder Holland was making BALLOON ANIMALS for the little kids!  They LOVED it! haha :) It was so awesome! :)  Anyways, as we were talking to people and handing out candy, and lady came up and started talking to us about our pumpkins and how they looked so cool and how we did a good job.  I talked to her a little bit more and turns out, she wasn't a member!  I offered her a Book of Mormon and she took it and she said she would call us if she had questions. :) YAY!  By the end of the night, we had handed out 2. :)
Sat:  HAPPY BE-LATED HALLOWEEN! :)  Friday was so crazy.  We had so much to do!  So many people called us or texted us asking us if we could help them with service and it went together perfectly.  We helped Sister Shin with her garage and get it more organized. :)  It iselping her out!  I love her! :)  Then we went over to another Sister's house and put some stuff in a storage compartment and ate Beef enchiladas.  They were good. :)    Then we had the Zone Activity!  It was really fun! :) I always love getting together with the missionaries in our zone and getting to know one another better! :) But no, we didn't get any BOMs handed out that day!  But that is okay because..
Sun:  YESTERDAY WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! :D  Okay, so.  I don't even really know where to begin... So much happened!  We ended up handing out 8 BOMS!!!  We were trying to visit some people but things were falling through.  Sister Smith felt prompted to go to a park in our area and we went and there were TONS of people!  We got out of the car and immediately I felt prompted we needed to talk to a group of people playing basketball.  because we didn't want to be awkward, we walked away and we were going to talk to them when they were leaving, but I knew we needed to contact them NOW.   We started walking away and I turned around and they were LEAVING!! So I turn around and started chasing them!  :P  Eventually I had to make up the courage and yell at them! :P  I said:
"HEY!!! CAN WE ASK YOU A FEW QUESTIONS?!"  One the guys replied, "Can you walk and talk at the same time?"  and we were like... "YEAHHHHHH!"  So we went up and started talking to them and turns out the guy, Chris, is super interested!  We got his info,and it was CORRECT!  yay! :D  We are going to visit him later this week with his friends!  We spent a good 1 1/2 hours at this park talking to people!  It came to a certain point that a lady came up to us and ASKED for a Book of Mormon and asked us if her friend could have one too!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!  So the moral of the story is... PRAYER. WORKS.  Every single prayer we said individually or together we prayed for opportunities to share a Book of Mormon. :)
So... How many Book of Mormons have we given, including the Elders?

In 4 days.

yep. We are pretty awesome! :)

I love you All!
Hermana Rachel Duncan

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