Monday, November 23, 2015

I AM ON FIRE!!!!!! :D (Week 53?)

Hola todos!!!

This week was awesome!  So many great things happened! :) 

Sister Jensen and I are ON FIRE!  We received a training in our ZTM this past week, and it really pumped us up to do more and to work really hard.  It was about Being ON FIRE!!!  it was awesome! :)
Right after our training meeting we had the new Christmas Initiative training, and that just made it 10X better!  I am soooo excited for all of you to watch the new video!  We got to watch it and it literally gave me chills and I felt the Spirit so strongly!  It was AMAZING!!!  Super stoked to work!  After the training we talked to our WML and got to work right away.  We are super excited to share the video with others!  We are going to share the video as part of third hour this Sunday and we are going to invite the members to get involved.  We also want to invite members to come out with us and contact people.  We have a plan of using their ipad or tablet and asking random people on the street if they have 2 minutes so that they can watch the video.  This way it is more than just giving them the card so they can just throw it away after.  This way they can actually see it, feel the spirit, and we can invite them to hear more.  We are SUPER excited! :)  When you guys watch the Video for the first time, PLEASE SHARE IT WITH SOMEONE!!! This video is not only intended to strengthen members and less-actives!  IT IS FOR NON-MEMBERS TOO!  Share it with a co-worker, a friend, neighbor, relative, WHOEVER!
We had an awesome miracle happen this week! :)  So we had a district Blitz in our area, and we had the elders split up so we were all covering four areas.  Sister Jensen and I went to the big Regional Park. (IT IS SO HUGE!)  We contacted Two people!  TWO!  But it was awesome!  We met a guy as we were walking into the park and he spoke Chinese... Not really good with that language, sorry! :P  So we gave him a book of Mormon in Chinese and pointed to a number we wrote in the book and told him to call them!  He was laughing the whole time... I don't know if it was at US or because he finally found true happiness.. ;D
Second person we contacted is Mark!  :)  Mark was sitting at a picnic bench just sitting there and looking at his phone.  Sister Jensen said, "Oh great, he has his headphones in..." I said, "it is worth a try!"  So we got up to him and say "HI!"  He looks up, takes his ear buds out and says, "Hello! that a Bible?"  We told him it is like the Bible, and explained to him that it was the Book of Mormon! :)  We asked him if he had time to listen to our message and he said we could sit down this him and share it with him!  We taught him the Plan of Salvation and it was an awesome lesson!  We is super open and he asked us a lot of questions!  :)  We asked him if he wanted to learn more and he said he would be open to it!  He lives up in the Anaheim Mission, so we are going to pass him over to the missionaries that work in his area.  It was funny because a random goose showed up out of no-where and started getting REALLY close to him! We were worried that it was going to attack him, but luckily, it didn't. haha :)  He is great though!  We invited him to pray and he was like, "Okay! What are you names again?"  so we told him our names and he started to PRAY!  We weren't expecting it because usually there is opposition towards prayer, haha.
We were like: OH!  WE'RE PRAYING! WE'RE PRAYING! (On our heads... haha)
It was great! :)
There is a deaf member in our ward, and we went over twice this week to help her out with some stuff.  She is super sweet!  Sister Jensen knows a little bit of ASL and she was signing with her.  It was awesome. :) 
We had a big dinner at a members home last night and a few different families from the ward came over.  There was also two non-members at the dinner.  Ani and Fransisco.  Ani doesn't speak any English, so I spoke Spanish with her, as well as one of the other brothers who served Spanish speaking.  it was really fun speaking Spanish again!  We had an awkward lesson though because it was in English and in Spanish, haha.  Sister Jensen would first speak in English and I would translate and at times we would both be confused and we would get messed up,  but it was great!  They want to learn more so we will pass there info off to the Anaheim Spanish missionaries since they cover this area! :)
yay miracles! 
Both Sister Jensen and I received beautiful blessings from Bishop Ritz this past week.  He likes to give the missionaries blessings, and he wasn't able to last week.  They were both wonderful! :)
I am so grateful to be serving here!  I don't want to leave!  I love my companionship, I love the area, I love everything!

Super grateful for the Holidays!  I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!  Count your many blessings! :)

con Mucho amor,
hna. Rachel Duncan

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